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We provide aerial film and photography services with a focus on creating cinematic footage from a unique perspective. Flying is in our blood and as a company we're very familiar with the world of aviation! Our chief pilot is BNUC-S and BMFA certified, with a background in flying full size aeroplanes and 3D helicopters, while the rest of our crew are dab hands in the world of film making and cinematography.

Years of industry experience

Collectively, our team has accrued decades of experience working in the film, tv and photographic industries and we all know our way around a busy set! We have very high standards and our ground crew consist of experienced camera operators, directors and photographers. The fusion of these bespoke disciplines and our background in aviation make Beehive Aerial a competent, safe and reliable aerial drone unit.


Shotover U1 Cinema drone

We are currently one of the only companies in the UK to offer the Shotover U1, a machine capable of carrying payloads of over 10KG, the ultimate system for high end cinema applications! The U1 is owned and maintained by our partner company, "Flying Glass ltd", but is flown exclusively by our own pilot, Mike. This partnership allows us to offer this exciting and unique piece of equipment as part of our fleet.

Introducing the Shotover U1


Pilot (BNUC-S Qualified)


Pilot (BNUC-S Qualified)


Gimbal / Camera Operator


Gimbal / Camera Operator


Insurance & Accreditation 

CAA Approved Operators

We are Bristol based Drone Operators with a valid 'Permission For Commercial Operations' administrated by the UK Civil Aviation Authority. This allows us to carry out aerial filming work using high end camera drones. Our pilots are BNUC-S or RPQS holders and BMFA certified, and as a company we're very clued up on UK Air Law. Our operations are planned and conducted with the utmost care and diligence and risk assessments, site surveys and pre-flight checks are carried out before every job. We never fly in conditions which we believe could be dangerous or unlawful.

Insurance Policy

Safety is major concern when flying powerful drones. We have thorough operating procedures in place to ensure that our work is conducted as safely as possible, which helps to mitigate any risk of danger. But accidents can happen and having the right insurance is very important. We have a comprehensive public liability insurance policy in place to ensure that our clients, staff and the general public are covered should something go wrong. Our gear is also fully insured and we have an airworthiness policy in place to ensure that all equipment is regularly checked and serviced.


Aircraft & Equipment

Shotover u1

Heavy Lift

The Shotover U1 (AKA "Queen Bee") is the Ferrari of the drone world. Weighing in at up to 40KG fully laiden, the U1 is a serious piece of hardware capable of carrying virtually any camera and lens combination. The U1 can produce ultra smooth footage even when carrying large, heavy zoom lenses and with full lens control (focus/iris/zoom), which until now could only really be achieved using a specialised helicopter system. We can fly the U1 at high speed with virtually no degradation to the quality of the image.

Thanks to multiple layers of built in redundancy, the U1 has a CAOSC exemption allowing us to fly it in built up, congested areas with a reduced separation distance of only 20m from vehicles, buildings or members of the public. The Shotover U1 really is the ultimate system for ultra high end cinematography applications.

Gryphon Dynamics X8

Heavy lift

The Gryphon Dynamics X8 carries the Freefly MōVI M15 gimbal, which is capable of carrying high end cinema camera and lens combinations up to a maximum payload of 7.5kg. The Gryphon is a great choice for Film, TV or Drama productions where a full size camera is required and the MoVI M15 can quickly and easily be used in a handheld configuration between the aerial shots if required. Our Connex HD downlink provides crystal clear, real time monitoring to the gimbal operator, DOP and director and optional lens control helps keep exposure under control on days when light is inconsistent.

The Gryphon has 8 propellers, offering redundancy in the event of a motor or prop failure and the three flight batteries protect against a single battery failure in flight. This all helps in ensuring that safe and reliable operation can be conducted.

DJI S900

Medium Lift

Our S900 (more affectionately known as 'Bumble Bee'), is a versatile aerial system which incorporates a state of the art 3-axis stabilised Gremsy gimbal. This is usually equiped with either a Sony A7Rii or A7Sii. Unlike many other drones of this size that are generally limited to one camera and lens option, Bumble can accommodate a range of different combinations. 

The Sony A7Sii is one of my most exciting cameras to hit the film making market in the last few years. It offers incredibly clean 4K video, as well as Full HD footage at up to 120fps. The camera also features S-Log2, S-Log3 and the Sony Cine picture profiles, so matching footage is a breeze. Bumble can also capture incredibly detailed 42 MegaPixel still photographs from the Sony A7Rii.

DJI Inspire Pro

Feather Weight

Our DJI Inspire 1 (AKA 'Honey Bee'), is an absolute workhorse. A highly efficient and robust system, the Inspire is the perfect drone to take traveling or for hard to reach launch areas where having a larger aircraft simply wouldn't work. The X5 camera is an interchangable lens system capable of recording 4K video and capturing 16MP Raw photographs. We have a range of Olympus lenses which allows us to get closer to the action for truly cinematic shots.

The Inspire features an HD downlink with full camera control from a tablet device. It has navigation and flight planning features allowing for precise and complex maneuvers and also benefits from the state of the art Vision Position System which allows precision hovering even when no GPS signal is available.


Arri Alexa Mini

Sony F55

Sony A7Rii

Latest Work

Thanks for showing an interest in the drone filming work that we do. Below you can see some of the most recent projects we've been involved with. If you like what you see here and think that you might have a project for us to sink our teeth into, then please do contact us today for a free quote!

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